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Roof and Ridge Tile Repairs for Dublin

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Roof Tile Repairs and Ridge Tile Repairs in Dublin

Let the experts at Dublin Guttering and Chimneys give you a free no obligation quotation on replacing or repairing slipped roof and ridge tiles in Dublin today. Experts at all types of roof and ridge tile repairs.

Our team can replace all types of roofing tiles including slate tiles, natural stone tiles and pvc based roof tiles. If you have lost a few tiles on your roof, we can source roof tiles that will be a match for the existing roof tiles ensuring the tiles stay blended in colour and do not stand out from each other.

Ridge tiles can over time become loose in seating from the Irish weather and damp. Sometimes it is down to poor workmanship. Regardless of the circumstances that lead to loose ridge tiles, we can replace or re-bed the existing ridge tiles for you in Dublin.

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