Metal Guttering vs Plastic Guttering

Metal Guttering VS Plastic Guttering

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Having an efficient guttering system in the home is crucial. However, choosing which one to have can be rather confusing. The two most common types of guttering systems are metal and plastic (PVC), so lets take a more in-depth look at the pros and cons to each one, so you are well placed to make an informed decision.

Metal guttering

Metal gutters have a low heat expansion/contraction coefficient. Additionally, they can expand or contract in relation to the weather conditions much better than plastic that tends to deform permanently with the strain of extreme weather changes.

Traditional metal guttering systems have the compounded disadvantages of being heavy, prone to rust and had a semi-cylindrical shape that is ineffective in holding or redirecting water. Better metal alternatives, namely copper, aluminium, lead, zinc and stainless steel have a superior tolerance to the elements, are much lighter and are moulded into better water retention profiles.

Zinc, stainless steel and copper rainwater systems also have the benefit of unassembling, so as to clean if required. The downpipes can easily be taken off and also have rodding points built in.

Plastic (PVC) guttering

It is strong. PVC gutters come in one continuous unit as they are made from moulded plastic. They have no seams and need no paint, hence a lesser chance of corrosion with time. There is also a smaller chance of dents as well as blemishes and scratches on their surface as compared with the metallic ones.

Plastic is flexible. Compared to some metal gutters, plastic does not easily lose its shape when it bows. In fact, they are made with this fact in mind. Metal gutters, although flexible, tend to distort after a considerable bit of pressure is applied. They bend, twist and dent much easier than the plastic variants.

PVC gutters are less costly and more convenient to install than metal guttering systems. Plastic systems are less expensive than metal guttering and can be fitted in a short period of time.

Plastic guttering is easy to modify. This is because PVC is essentially moulded plastic, making its shape and colour highly adaptable to the design of your home. You can make a custom order to suit the dimensions of their home, although that will be slightly pricier than standard versions.

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